In What Way Does Jumpstart Video Operate that Columbus Responds Well to?

Jumpstart’s Community Involvement in Columbus’

Community Involvement

Jumpstart Video Productions employs video production professionals. This includes: videographers, editors, producers, directors, and motion graphics artists who live in Columbus. We are deeply embedded in the Columbus community through our clients, but also through the creative professionals who we employ. We provide them an outlet to serve the community by making a living doing video production projects. Also, we like to take on additional projects that have community involvement in video production, like the nonprofit and other video work we do.

Another thing about our involvement with the unique community of Columbus, Ohio, is that we are always looking for opportunity. Overall, we like to be involved in community engagement. Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus has a community outreach specialist who’s involved in video production in Columbus. We’re looking at the various businesses here, and studying the market to see who we can serve.


Beneficial Video Production Services for the Community

One way to figure out how to make your business successful in any market, not just Columbus, is to look for prospects or businesses. In particular, things that you know (based on your research) can benefit from your product or service. When Jumpstart reaches out to an area business, we do so because we know that our work can serve them. We want to help them grow their business and help them be more successful.

We have done research evaluating whether or not a business would benefit from our service. There are cases where we look into businesses whose industry we don’t have a lot of expertise in. We identify that business as someone who may not benefit from what we do, in which case we do not reach out to that business. That said we are always ready and excited to learn about new and exciting industries and opportunities. While we may not be as experienced in an industry today, tomorrow we may become an expert in your area.

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