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Who we are

Jumpstart Video Production Columbus opened in 2008 to do what many consider impossible: Deliver outstanding quality on short deadlines and affordable rates. In other words: fast, good, and cheap. Since then, our lean crew of multi-talented producers has succeeded hundreds of times. Our satisfied clients are small business owners and local television advertisers as well as advertising agencies and marketers promoting products and brands across social media.

How we do it

Delivering high quality on a shortened timeline as well as a modest budget requires a streamlined process and a crew who’s ready to hit the ground running on every shoot. That’s why we built a studio right here in Columbus, where your team can go for a day and shoot several videos at once, take advantage of our cyc walls for infinite backgrounds and green screen effects, or use our set to shoot instructional videos or product demonstrations.

This way, months worth of content can be created at once, maximizing your budget by reducing travel and set-up time, and giving a consistent look and feel to your brand’s campaign.

Our process

This is the communication business, and we excel at it. That means several things: First, you can count on us to refine and convey your message effectively. But you can also reach us with your questions and get answers quickly. We’ll even archive your final project when it’s done, along with all its footage and assets, for when you need to distribute it to new channels or re-purpose it for a new project.

The quality and effectiveness of any video relies enormously on the goals outlined in pre-production, so we focus lots of attention on tailoring the script to your project needs.

Next, we run the most efficient shoot possible, gathering every clip on a tightly cultivated shot list as well as any additional opportunities for B roll — especially when we’re shooting on location.

Finally, we edit your footage together with professional voice-over and motion graphics in post production, ultimately submitting it to you for review and approval.

Once the video is finished, we’re still here to answer your questions. We even provide support long after it’s done, including helping you distribute it across the proper channels online and on air.

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