Who Makes Up Jumpstart Video Team?

The Jumpstart Video Team

Like any creative agency, Jumpstart Video Productions has an incredible network. This includes: consultants, freelancers, and video production professionals. We all work together under the leaders of Jumpstart. It’s important to think about what it takes to run or lead a video production company. Both with characteristics of creativity and leadership are essential. Our team is creative, business-minded, and also very good communicators. Their ability to lead a client through a project is just one of the ways they bring value to everything they do for our clients.


Joining the Jumpstart Crew

If someone wanted to join the team at Jumpstart, it is beyond the basic requirements. Of course, there needs to be some sort of formal training or degree in video production. It is important they have a body of work that demonstrates that they have the technical and creative skill to work in the professional video production industry. Regardless, the candidate, or anyone involved in working for Jumpstart, needs to have good bedside manner. They need an incredible ability to lead a client through a video production, which can be a daunting and challenging process at times. It’s also important to be flexible and ready to be creative when the moment presents itself.

Part of having a good “bedside manner” is being able and willing to understand the real, immediate, and long term goals. Also, the needs of the client and the business as a whole.  It’s essential that our producers get to know who you are, what you do, and who you are trying to attract. With that, our producers are exceptionally talented at bringing out the best qualities of your business and helping them to shine.

Working as A Team

The other element that plays heavily in being a part of our team is the ability to work well with the rest of the team members.  We believe in the ability of each member of our production team to aid in creating the best video content. Overall, the ability to work together and collaborate is just as essential to our production process.  

The reality is, we are looking for and enjoy working with those who are positive. We want good communicators as well as people who truly understand the power of a well-crafted video. We want our crew to understand a video’s impact it can have on an audience as well as a business. In this way, we create the best team possible to service our clients and give them the best video content possible.

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