The Value of an Idea and Saving You Money

The Value of an Idea

It’s a call we get time and time again. Someone is looking to either produce a new TV spot or make a marketing video and needs ideas. Typically, one of the first things they ask is how much it will cost. This clearly makes sense. In business,  almost everything comes down to cost. “How much is this going to run me verses how much will this make me
?” After all, we’re all in business to make money and support ourselves. However, a better question to ask is, “What will it cost me to come up with a great idea?” Ideas above all are one of, if not the most, valuable thing in production.

A good idea will get you some attention, but a great idea will make people remember you, call you, and in turn buy from you. No where are good ideas more important than in video production. A great idea, in turn, keeps people coming back to us.


What does a good marketing video cost?

So the question remains, what does a good idea cost? In some cases, surprisingly little. If you have a well laid out company identity, a marketing drive, and willingness to break at least in part from your comfort zone, a good idea can sometimes take shape naturally.

Now all that said, sometimes ideas take a little time and a little creative brewing to become fully formed. With that, can come added cost. A better way to think about it is how successful these ideas can be once they take shape. Remember, the main goal in creating video is to make a real and lasting impression on the viewer.

“Live and learn and then…. get Luvs”

“The quilted quicker picker upper…Bounty”

These are simple ideas that are executed well and, in turn, they are memorable.

So when we’re asked “What does $xxx buy me” it can be a very difficult question to answer. With a simple, but affective, idea it can get you a lot. So, the first step in creating a great video is understanding who you are as a company, what your core values and services are, who your customers are, and what they want to know about you in order to trust you with their buying dollars. Once you have those answers you’re half way to a great idea.

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