The First Step to a Masterpiece is Getting Started

Starting Your New Video Project

New Video Project

So what’s the first step in making a new video?  This is the most common question we get. Whether this is your first video project, or your fifteenth video you have to start somewhere, and  every video starts in a different state. Some are just ideas and some are fully fleshed out and ready to be shot.

Sometimes, we come into a project with a fully formed idea and script.  Sometimes, we come in with just a set of requirements and a little info about the direction. Other times, we have nothing more than “I want to make a video.” But no matter what state the project is in when we get it, the first question to answer is, “What do you want to get out of this video, and what do you want the viewer to know by the end of the video?”


Making Lists

If there is no script (or even an outline), we start working on that.  Making a list of things, (like product showcase, messaging, call to action, slogan, or location details) that are essential to the video and messages that need to come across.  We also talk about what we want the viewer/customer to do after seeing the video.  It’s important to keep this in mind.  Because if you want your prospective or existing customers to visit your site or come into your store it’s important to keep that messaging throughout. Often times a viewer will not make it all the way to the end of a video. So your messaging needs to be consistent.  As one of my writing teachers once told me, “DON’T bury the lead!”

Script Writing

Once we have a list of what needs to be in the video, we start looking at an order that seems the most logical and smooth. Sometimes it’s better to lead into a bullet point, sometimes it’s better to just come right out with it.

 After that, we start filling in the gaps, looking at transitional elements, and reading it for pacing and time. And then we have our script. Yeah, all that just for a script! Scripting is hard work sometimes!

 After we have a script, and almost ALWAYS AFTER we have a script, we can start looking at budgeting. It’s important to know what we are in for between shooting, editing, graphics, music, VO, etc. before we can get an accurate estimate of how much time will be spent in the creation of this video. But that’s a topic for another blog.

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