The Ebbs and Flows of Video Production

The Off Season

There is a reason why a landscaping business also plow driveways, or why resort towns also have side businesses. It’s called the off season. The time of year when your normal focus changes from your main source of income, to your back up source. A landscaper cannot mow the snow, they need an alternative income otherwise they won’t have any money to make it to when the snow melts. However, there are some businesses that do not or cannot have a back up to their regular income. For example, many indoor activities suffer in the summer because it’s now hot outside. In general, most businesses do offer other services or business plans during these off seasons.

In video production things aren’t that different.

Video Production Flow

At Jumpstart, we offer a variety of different video projects to fit any needs for your company. Certain video productions, however, do have on and off seasons as to when they are most popular for clients. For example, TV commercials tend to have a busier season. When we’re heavy into TV ads it usually gets increasingly busy as Thanksgiving and Christmas come. We film all different discount promotions, Black Friday specials, and happy holiday commercials. However, once Christmas passes our business shifts because marketing efforts shift. We start to see a ride in online product video marketing, training videos, and other promotional “longer form” videos. Even though there can be a shift in different projects, there is not an off season in video production as a whole.

Business Shifts

Shifts typically happen around a certain season, as I just used many examples above. However, shifts can also be not only seasonal, but they can be yearly. This has a lot to do with what is more in trend and what is reaching the most people as technology progresses. As marketing teams realize the power in live event videos, or viral marketing campaigns, they start looking outside of traditional media outlets (mainly television, radio, and newspaper advertising). Most marketing teams start to see the worth in having a stand alone branding piece.

Regardless of any off season in video production, Jumpstart is ready to tackle any, and all video needs no matter the circumstance.

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