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What is the mission of Jumpstart Video Production Columbus?

Columbus, Ohio is a great market. The mission of Jumpstart Video Production Columbus is to provide video production services. For example: to businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing executives. They can then use the power of video to promote their business. When it comes to video production in Columbus, there are a couple of things that we have that make us stand out.

We have a studio, a great staff, a tremendous collection of video production equipment. However, more than that, we have over a decade of experience of producing video for business. Our team in Columbus brings the methods and workflow. They are a part of the Jumpstart production process to clients and they add a tremendous amount of value to every situation they are in. The video production clients in Columbus are seeing results. The studio is also a great creative space and we are very pleased to be able to offer video production services in Columbus, Ohio.


What makes Columbus a good market for video production?

Columbus, Ohio is a great market for several industries. Many retailers are headquartered here, along with a number of banks, insurance companies, and universities. Of course, it’s the capital of the state of Ohio. In general, there are a lot of government offices and government support agencies and nonprofits. This provides a phenomenal market for video production services.

Quite honestly, if you’re looking for a video production company in Columbus, Jumpstart provides a tremendous amount of value. Jumpstart does quality video production work and has vast expertise in producing. This includes: TV commercials, corporate promotional video, live broadcasts, and photography work, including headshots. All of these services are in demand in the Columbus market, so that market is serving us well. More importantly, we feel that we are serving that market well. Really, it’s about what you bring to the market, and providing a service that is in-demand and needed. That’s how your company becomes a brand that is well respected and has a good reputation.

The Columbus market is very strong, and we are thrilled that Jumpstart Video Productions has this Columbus location.


Columbus is a unique community; how does Jumpstart Video complement that?

One aspect of the Jumpstart mission is to serve the community. So, we provide a great deal of discounted video production services to nonprofits and community organizations. It’s because our video production operation is doing so well in Columbus we are able to give back to the community.

That’s what I point to when I speak to how Jumpstart Video Productions complements what a unique and exciting market Columbus is. The video production we do for nonprofit or community entities. Sometimes this work is pro-bono or a donation of services. That goes a long way towards supporting this vibrant and unique community.

There are many positive things happening in Columbus, and at Jumpstart Video Productions, we’re excited to be a part of those things. The way that we participate in the community is by continuing to offer donated or discounted video production services to nonprofits and community organizations.


In what way does Jumpstart Video operate that Columbus responds well to?

Jumpstart Video Productions employs video production professionals: videographers, editors, producers, directors, and motion graphics artists who live in Columbus. We are deeply embedded in the Columbus community through our clients, but also through the creative professionals who we employ. We provide for them an outlet to serve the community by making a living doing video production projects. Also, by taking on additional projects that help serve the community, like the nonprofit and other video work we do.

The other thing about our involvement with the unique community of Columbus, Ohio, is that we are always looking for opportunity. We are involved in community engagement. Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus has a community outreach specialist who’s involved in video production in Columbus. We’re looking at the various businesses here, and studying the market to see who we can serve.

One way to figure out how to make your business successful in any market, not just Columbus, is to look for prospects or businesses that you know (based on your research about what that business does) can benefit from your product or service. When Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus reaches out to an area business, we do so because we know that our work can serve them and help them grow their business and help them be more successful.

In our research of evaluating whether or not a business would benefit from our service, there are cases where we look into businesses whose industry we don’t have a lot of expertise in. We identify that business as someone who may not benefit from what we do. In which case, we do not reach out to that business.


Jumpstart Video specializes in small, fast-paced jobs, but also takes on larger scale projects. Which video package from Jumpstart Video does Columbus get the most “mileage” out of?

One thing that we like to do at Jumpstart is to make sure that we do not have a crew mismatch. We don’t want a client to spend an extraordinary amount of time, money, and resources in developing a video that is well beyond what they need. It’s possible for a video production to go past the scope of its original mission if there is too much crew involved. Or it there is too much video being shot and too many resources being wasted.

Our goal at Jumpstart Video Productions is to make sure our client gets maximum return on investment by offering small-scale and large-scale video production services. In this way, we can nearly guarantee that the right amount of resources will be put into the project. We’ll always do exactly what the client asks, but we are sure to put the right number of people and the right set of equipment and the right amount of creative resources into a project. We don’t want a case where the client has spent far more on the video project than what the audience for that project is going to respond to.

By offering small-scale and large-scale video production services we can ensure that the client is well served by the services provided. The number one goal is audience response leading to return on investment.


What are businesses in Columbus looking for that Jumpstart Video provides?

All businesses, not just the ones in Columbus, are looking for ways to communicate their message to an audience that leads to the desired response. We are looking to do everything you want to do as a business: Increasing sales. Growing your staff and your workforce, and keeping employees satisfied and engaged and motivated.

In cases of recruitment videos, we want to attract talent to a business. While in the case of television commercials, we want to attract clients or customers to our service, retail location, or to our e-commerce website. For a longform promotional film, we want to convince the audience that our viewpoint or cause or mission or message is worth listening to. In the case of a video for a non-profit, we want to convince the audience that the work we’re doing has meaning and brings value to the community and could change the world we live in, and the ultimate result of a non-profit video, in most cases, would be to raise funds to keep that nonprofit working.

In considering what a business needs in terms of how it relates to what Jumpstart offers, the reality is that the demand for video production services has grown exponentially

This is because of how simple it has become to distribute video content through your website, or through a social media channel like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. The demand for video content to allow a businesses to communicate their message to the world has grown tremendously, not just in Columbus, but around the globe.

We try to engage business owners and marketing managers and communications professionals every day to study why they might search “video production company Columbus,” but what we’re looking for beyond that is finding out how our video production services can help them reach their business goals.


Who are the team that make up Jumpstart Video?

Like any creative agency, Jumpstart has an incredible network of consultants, freelancers, and video production professionals who all work together under the leaders of Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus, Adam Godfrey and Matt Downey. It’s important to think about what it takes to run or lead a video production company, and these two professionals have the characteristics needed. They are creative, business-minded, and they are also very good communicators. Their ability to lead a client through a project is just one of a number of ways they bring value to everything they do for our clients.

If someone wanted to join the team at Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus, beyond the basic requirements of some sort of formal training or a degree in video production or a body of work that demonstrates that they have the the technical and creative skill to work in the professional video production Industry, the candidate, or anyone involved in working for Jumpstart Video Productions needs to have good bedside manner, and an incredible ability to lead a client through a video production, which can be a daunting and challenging process at times.

The reality is, we are looking for and we enjoy working with those who are positive, good communicators, and who truly understand the power of a well-crafted video and its impact it can have on an audience, and certainly on a business.


What happens when you call Jumpstart Video Columbus to book a job?

Jumpstart takes in new client requests from a number of sources. Such as, our contact form on the website or potential clients reaching out through social media. Jumpstart does an incredible job of responding to the initial contact from a new client. We answer our phones from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. They can answer questions and begin the process of exploring how a video project might go. By email and social media, we’re available at all hours to respond to new client requests and to answer questions.

One of the most important things that we can claim at Jumpstart Video Productions is that we are happy to answer questions, to write quotes and estimates, to allow somebody to come in and explore the idea of creating video content even if they’re not ready to begin a project. So we welcome all inquiries. We respond quickly and with information that gives our prospects the fastest education and the best possible answers in a quick timely manner.

Most importantly, there is no pressure when a prospect inquires about working with us to actually do a project

We pride ourselves in being able to answer questions, walk a client through what a project could be, explore the costs, and discuss the logistics and the process. Jumpstart is more than happy to do all of that even if the project never comes to fruition. We would never be upset with anyone for coming to us simply to explore the possibility of creating video content.

Overall, we welcome all inquiries, and we treat everyone as if they are that next six-figure client with a multiple projects. Even if they’re just going to create a small video, or no video at all. We enjoy the discussion. We also enjoy the ability to help people understand what it is that we do and what the benefits are. Whether they’re going to move forward with a video project or not.


How is Jumpstart Video Columbus regarded in the greater Jumpstart Video family?

Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus is a shining example in the Jumpstart network. Of course, they have the advantage of being in Columbus, Ohio, which is a great market with a thriving economy. Some of the characteristics of Columbus include a young, well-educated and diverse population. Columbus also has a culture of learning and embracing education. There is even embracing progressive and new ideas. There’s a great deal of civic and community pride in Columbus. Considering it is the center of Ohio with a major university and the state government.  All of the corporate headquarters makes it a great market too.

Jumpstart Video Productions’ network frequently looks to Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus as an example

Certainly, all of the Jumpstart studios work together as a team. One advantage of working with Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus is that if you are embarking on a video project and working with one of the producers at Jumpstart, and there is some additional resource that is needed that isn’t already within the capabilities of Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus’ studio, there are so many resources and capabilities in the Jumpstart network that are available to clients in Columbus. 3D animation, for example, or the use of some specialized equipment.

All of the Jumpstarts work together as a team, as one video production company with multiple studios and offices. There are video production capabilities in columbus that might not exist in other studios in the Jumpstart Video Productions network. In a reciprocal sort of manner, clients of any Jumpstart benefit from the capabilities of all of the Jumpstart studios combined.


In what ways does Jumpstart Video Columbus want to change and grow in the coming years?

The reality is in any business, change is inevitable. If you’re not changing to keep up with whatever is the current trend in your industry, you’re liable to be left behind. This is no different at Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus.

We are constantly updating software, training on new pieces of equipment, and exploring the trends in video production. This includes uses of video on social media, methods for streaming video live for corporate events, or the latest and greatest equipment. We also need to be able to identify what we need to have in our wheelhouse as a staple of our business. We need to be able to identify what services we would use from freelancers or contractors. This is because the demand for those services is infrequent.

Growing Your Business

The way to grow your business in the video production industry in Columbus is to be able to identify the capabilities you need to have in-house. For example: the things you’re doing every day, the things that the client needs right now, and to be able to make sure that those services are strong. At Jumpstart Video Productions we have done just that.

The other aspect of that is to be able to identify what’s just around the corner. This is in terms of video production capabilities, equipment, and styles. On top of that, you need to be able to identify which of these new trends are worth investing in. Whether it is equipment or capabilities. We are always investing in making the right choices so that our clients are served in the best manner.

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