What is the Most Common Stumbling Block a Client Faces When Attempting to Start a Video Project?

The Challenges of Starting a Video Project

Video Project

We’ve all been there before. We had every intention of doing something, but things just keep coming up. Something delays us, stops us, or discourages us. The same holds true to the video project production process.

The first, and largest, delay people often face is determining that you can create an effective video for a price you can afford. To many, video is a mysterious and expensive endeavor. It’s filled with casting and creative challenges. The first hurdle is realizing that video does not need to be scary and is not out of your financial reach, even for the smallest of small businesses.


Finding a Production Company

All too often you get the suggestion that producing a promotional, marketing, training, or television commercial video would be a great idea. You discuss some needs and ideas an then… you’re stuck. What’s next? Now you have to start the search for a production company. You do a google search and find there are WAY more companies in your area than you could have even imagined. Which one do you go with? The simple answer to this question is at first ALL of them! Reach out to every production company regardless if you think you can afford them. Production companies are ready and excited to discuss new projects with new clients. And if they aren’t excited to speak with you you’ll know they aren’t the company for you.

Coming up with an Idea

The next step is fear of not being able to come up with an effective and creative idea. This, however, is where many- if not most production companies shine. They help you bring out the best features of your business and create a video that fits your needs. Most importantly, one that aligns with your company’s vision. Now that said, great ideas can be few and far between. Sometimes, this can then translate to a more expensive project. However, if you have come to a production company with a clear vision of things such as:

  • Who is your company?
  • What does your company stand for?
  • How do you want your company represented?
  • What do you want the video to do for you?

You’ve won half the battle.

Once you have those elements coming up with an idea is a matter of determining what approach suits your vision the best.

So whether it’s knowing you can produce a quality video at any budget, who to choose, or how to come up with a great concept the tools you need are surprisingly close at hand, all you need to do is reach out and as for help. A great production company will be there for you to take you the rest of the way home to great video and successful results.

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