Commercial with Stills and Graphics

A commercial using stills and graphics can be very effective, and is also commonly used. It’s cost effective, can be produced quickly, and is made up of a lot of fun pieces. Here are the elements that make up a great stills & graphics commercial.

Worried about the cost of a commercial? In general, a stills and graphics commercial is the most budget conscious way of doing your commercial. Live action commercial production requires a larger team, more equipment, more time, and also a larger budget. A stills and graphics commercial requires much less. Just send us your logo and pictures, and we can create a lot in a short amount of time.

A stills and graphics commercial can be produced on a tight timeline. In just 48 hours you have your commercial, with logos and images, as well as audio. What more could you ask for?


Overall, we’d love to show off your brand, storefront, products, services, and employees! A stills and graphics commercial can help increase your brand awareness as well as drive traffic to your business. After receiving the files we will get to work assembling and even animating them for fun moving shots and effects. Stock images can also be provided if you’d like. These pre-made images can match well with your commercial.

The magic of graphics will be added next. This includes titles, effects, logo design, animation, and more! Graphics give the commercial more exciting movement and more eye candy for the viewer.

Voice over and music will be the final touches on your commercial. These are important, because these are what the viewer hears. The voice over tells the viewer exactly what they need to know about your business and services. The music will add the appropriate feel and mood of your commercial.

There you have it! These are the elements of a stills and graphics commercial. Don’t you want one now? Combined you’ll have a quickly realized commercial, that’s effective for your business’s needs!

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