Writing a Great Script

So you want to write a promotional script? Before you do that, there are some things you need to consider for writing a great script:

Type of Video

First, what are you writing this for? Is it a TV commercial, website video, promotional, social media ad, YouTube video or other? Where will it be seen? Remember, one video does not fit all. Each type has a different platform, which calls for different formatting of your video. Also, what’s the length of your video? The length will determine the layout and pace of your story.


What is the feel for your script? It’s important to know your story’s genre. Is it testimonial, comedic, serious, romantic, edgy, thrilling, scary, or explainer? What’s its style?

Know Your Audience

Who are you writing for and why? Are you targeting marketing people, decision makers, parents, young professionals, or senior citizens? Knowing your audience helps for telling a better story.

Call to Action

What are you asking your audience to do? Do you want them to buy a new product? Do you want to introduce them to your business? Think about why your audience should do this. What would compel them to take action?


Who or what is best to tell your story? Is it a simple voiceover, actors, or an animated cartoon character? Characters are tools for telling stories and are the stars of your script.


Where does your story take place? This is the setting for your characters and story. For example, is the video to be shot at a customer’s home or at your business?

After you answer these questions, you’re ready to write your script! Now make sure your script has this:

Attention Getter

What will grab your audience’s attention fast? You have 15 to 60 seconds to sell. You’ll need an exciting, inciting incident to draw in your audience. Consider a scene that sets the stage or illustrates a problem.

Sell the Audience

You got them watching. Great. Now you need to keep them, by making sure your story accomplishes your call to action while being entertaining. This is where a special offer or promotion should be used.

Seal the Deal

You reeled them in, you’ve entertained them, now you need to seal the deal. End the story with your product or message, making sure the audience completely understands the features, benefits, and the offer.

Follow these steps correctly and you’ll have a great video that your audience will enjoy. You’ll have a better chance of them buying your product, visiting your website, or joining your cause. We hope this helps your project!

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