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How Jumpstart Works With Your Video Production Budget


Ask The Right Questions

 At Jumpstart, our production capabilities allow us to have one of the widest ranges in video production budgets. I often tell clients that we can produce a quality 30-second spot for as little as $100 or as much as $100,000; it all depends on what is in the middle!


Often one of the biggest determining factors of a video production budget is what elements are essential to include in the video:

  • Is it important we get clips from one location and 10?
  • Are the 10 locations in a centralized area or spread over hundreds of miles?
  • Is it necessary to shoot new footage?
  • Do high-quality stills or videos already exist that we can use?
  • Can we create graphics in our studio to illustrate our point?
  • Can this be shot in a studio?
  • Is there any music or stock footage needs?
  • What types of graphics do you need?
  • Do you need original high-end 3D renderings, or is a well-photographed image enough?
  • What elements are essential to convey your message effectively?

There are SO many questions you will ask yourself as you take the journey again and again during your video projects.  And the biggest one when it comes to the budget is, “Is this necessary?”

Again, this is what we do best at Jumpstart. We have produced videos in just about every environment and industry out there. We know what translates well to video and what fails to have an impact. So your first steps are making that list of essentials and another list of “this would be nice.”

How do you Budget?

Now to the point.  How do you budget?  The first big step is setting a ceiling.  Whether you are a “Mom and Pop” shop or a corporation, we all have a limit to our project spending. Figure out where your comfort zone is. It can be scary sharing this number, but it gives us insight into how much we have to bring your vision to reality.  For smaller video production budget projects, we can look at your list of essentials and eliminate or modify any elements that are out of the scope of your video production budget.  We also know if you have a larger video production budget, we can help you dream up some new and exciting takes on your vision that might not be possible on a limited budget.

And one more thing: Before you go thinking that an excellent video is impossible with less than $10,000 or $5,000 or even $1,000 you would be wrong.  We have produced memorable and effective content both at and well under each of these levels. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages, strengths, and weaknesses.

So make that list and set that ceiling, even if it is a moveable ceiling, and give us a call today to help you create the best video possible—no matter your video production budget size.

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