How is Jumpstart Video Columbus regarded in the greater Jumpstart Video family?

Jumpstart Video Production Columbus Rises Above

Video Production Network

Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus is a shining example in the Jumpstart network. Of course, they have the advantage of being in Columbus, Ohio, which is a great market with a thriving economy. Some of the characteristics of Columbus includes a young, well-educated, and diverse population. Other characteristics Columbus offers is a culture of learning and embracing education. Also, it has embracing,  progressive, and new ideas. There’s a great deal of civic and community pride in Columbus. Being the center of Ohio with a major university and the state government as well as all of the corporate headquarters makes it a great market.



Resources in the Video Production Network

Jumpstart’s network frequently looks to Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus as an example. Certainly, all of the Jumpstart studios work together as a team. One advantage of working with Jumpstart Video Productions of Columbus is the resources within the Jumpstart network. Overall, if you are embarking on a video project with one of the producers at Jumpstart, there might be some additional resources needed that aren’t already within the capabilities of the Columbus’ studio. If this occurs, there are many resources and capabilities in the Jumpstart network that are available to clients in Columbus. 3D animation, for example, or the use of some specialized equipment like the much talked about Red Cinema camera.  

Or if you are looking to do a production that requires a large production crew, as well as creative idea generation or script writing, special lighting situations, and unique camera angles or movement. Even large studio space, or the ability to call up high level talent. It’s the scalability of a Jumpstart Video production that truly makes us special. Jumpstart Video, as a whole, is truly a one stop shop.

And best of our our pool of talent, equipment, and capabilities is growing every day and every minute. With each new project, and each new day we grow our talent and capabilities in an exponential manner.

Jumpstart’s Team Efforts

All of the Jumpstarts work together as a team, as one video production company with multiple studios and offices. There are video production capabilities in Columbus that might not exist in other studios in the Jumpstart Video Productions network. In a reciprocal sort of manner, clients of any Jumpstart benefit from the capabilities of all of the Jumpstart Video Productions studios combined. So when you book a Jumpstart shoot, your not just booking Columbus, but a whole team of talented and creative video professionals who can provide the simplest or most complex video solutions around.

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