Which video package from Jumpstart Video does Columbus get the most “mileage” out of?

Jumpstart Video specializes in small, fast-paced jobs, but also takes on larger scale projects.

One thing that we like to do at Jumpstart Video Productions is to make sure that we do not have a mismatch crew. We don’t want a client to spend an extraordinary amount of time, money, and resources in developing a video that is well beyond what they need. It’s possible for video production projects to go past the scope of its original mission. For example, if there is too much crew involved, too much video being shot, or too many resources being wasted.

Jumpstart Service Packages

Our goal at Jumpstart is to make sure our client gets the maximum return on investment. We do this by offering both small-scale and large-scale video production services. This way, we can nearly guarantee that the right amount of resources will be put into the project. We’ll always do exactly what the client asks, but we are sure to put the right number of people, equipment, and creative resources into a project. We don’t want a case where the client has spent far more on the video project than what the audience for that project is going to respond to.

By offering small-scale and large-scale video production services we can ensure that the client is well served by the services provided. The number one goal is audience response leading to return on investment.

Choosing Your Production Needs

So the question is how do we do this?  How do we perfectly match the production to the production needs.  The first thing we do is take time to learn more about the business, it’s people, culture, products, customers, short and long term needs and goals. Once we have a better idea of who the business is we can better answer the question of what the business needs to excel. Only then can we see the answer to the question of how far do we need to go to accomplish this goal.  It’s our belief that it’s crucial for our clients to only spend what is necessary so they have more left over for additional videos or budget to disseminate the message.

After all you can have the best possible message and execution but if you do not plan on how to effectively get that message to your customers then the message will be lost.

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