Where do your video ideas come from?

Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Small, simple ideas all the way to complex masterpieces. What creates them, inspires them, pulls them into existence?  The simplest explanation is inspiration. Now, I’ll admit that inspiration is a vague concept at best. And it’s source is difficult to pinout. But when we create video content for our clients inspiration comes from getting to know our client.  Getting to know their business, products, services, employees, and most importantly their clients. Inspiration comes from asking simple questions. What are you looking to accomplish in the long run, what do you want to accomplish in the short term, and who do you need to reach to get there.

From there it’s a matter of deciding what approach to take.  And that approach is of course dependent on the earlier research you’ve done. It’s important to do all of this research first so you don’t go down a road that won’t fulfill the most important elements and requirements.   And here is where the the magic happens. A creative person takes the entire collection of experiences, remarks, insights, recollections, and ideas that currently exist.

Inspiration comes from a complex combination of watching, listening, and learning from things all around you AND most importantly making informed decisions when NOT to imitate the things you‘ve seen. It’s this complex balance that really helps inspiration become less about imitation and regurgitating and more about creating something newer. Because after all What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. All we can do is make it a little more of our own.

Another big question with inspiration is what do you do with it once you have it.  Sometimes the ideas you have are good, but not in the moment. Often times they’ll work but you first have to do some establishing to make them come into existence smoothly. In the instance of local or regional TV commercials sometimes introducing yourself to the world with a creative idea can be the thing that cements your brand in the minds of the community.  And sometimes that great idea is the thing that gets you lost. It’s a tricky thing to decide where to begin, a simple branding piece that introduces your name and business, or something more refined, something special. But that’s a discussion for another time.

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